Edit User

Edit the specified user.

Action Version Supported
editUser 1.4 performance


Make sure this request is sent over a secure connection as you don’t want a MIM attack of the password (password is sent in plain text).

This action also only works with an API key, any attempt on using this action without an API key will result in error id #10 being thrown.

If no values are changed, user error id #3 will be thrown.

The return response will depend on the values changed of the user.

Error Codes

ErrorID Cause of Error
1 The “user” parameter was set but empty
1 The “user” parameter was set but empty
3 The “user” parameter was not set
7 The user edit failed
10 API key was not used

Required Parameters

Parameter Value Description Example
user The user to edit cadox8

Additional Parameters

Parameter Value Description Example
username The new username cadox
password The new password pa55word
email The new email cadox8@gmail.com
group The new group Administrator
gender The new gender male
custom_title A new custom title Developer
style_id The new user style 3
timezone The new timezone Europe\Madrid
visible If user is visible or not 1
dob_day The date of birth day 23
dob_month The date of birth month 04
dob_year The date of birth year 1999
user_state The user state valid
custom_fields The custom field(s) and value field_1=value_1,field_2=value_2
add_groups Add the user to secondary group(s) 5,6,9
remove_groups Remove user from group(s) 5,9
trophy_points Amount of trophy points. 7